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SuperBetter is an online tool created by game designers and backed by science to help build personal

resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic

even in the face of difficult challenges.

Check out the website and watch a video of

SuperBetter trainer, Jane McGonigal.

Emotional Brain Training

EBT is a program designed to give you the

power to rewire your own emotional brain.

Stress Help-Guide

Comprehensive information about the signs,

symptoms, causes and effects of stress.

Learn many effective techniques for

managing and relieving stress!

Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Health

Dr. Amen is a renowned researcher,

author and educator in brain health.


An educational website that includes

screenings for common mental health problems

Self-Directed Search

Dr. John Holland's career counseling

information and questionnaire (fee)


Explore the Stress Management section

of this Toolkit. Although it was designed for managers

and leaders, the skills are helpful for anyone.

Life Reimagined

It's about making small and simple steps

to help you figure out what you really want, and

then starting to make that happen.

The following websites feature

exercises and games to promote

brain health and performance.

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